As a professional working in copywriting and editorial services, Lyndsey holds a BA Honours in English Literature from Swansea University, and a Masters in English Studies from Oxford Brookes University.

Continuing her academic studies in creative writing, she has completed numerous courses at the University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education, and Cardiff University Continuing & Professional Education. Her creative writing has won competitions and been selected for artistic interpretation.

Prior to a career in copywriting, Lyndsey has worked in management consultancy, public relations, recruitment and education sectors. She has experience of working with the media, editorial writing and communications, and marketing events. You can read more about Lyndsey’s career switch in her interview with Careershifters.

As The Oxford Writer, Lyndsey works with businesses and individuals around the UK, fulfilling their written copywriting requirements.

Passionate about reading, she is also a professional bookseller at award-winning independent bookshop Mostly Books. In 2020 she was awarded a National Bookshop Hero by the Bookseller’s Association and HarperCollins Publisher. She is a regular book blogger and founder of the Mostly Books Cosy Club. This virtual community book group has more than 70 members, reading across bespoke selections that are curated by Lyndsey.


“Plain and simple, I love my job! I have always enjoyed tinkering around with words. Writing isn’t something that everyone feels confident about. My job satisfaction comes from helping clients to articulate their words, find their voice and tell their story.”


The Oxford Writer - Copywriting & Content Services