Bookseller: Introduction

The line of work I suspect most people are keen to read about is my role as a Bookseller. At the time of writing this, I have been a bookseller for two and half years, working at Mostly Books.

I began working at Mostly Books one day a week, every Monday, compressing my other freelance roles into the four remaining days. Over time this has changed to two days a week and I’m now the acting supervisor and shop floor manager on those days.

Lots of my freelance roles can be quite solitary – The Oxford Writer is my business and I run it alone. I predominantly write by myself and in silence, purely for concentration and productivity. Although I’m never alone when I’m petsitting, I am the only human, and so far it’s always been a one-sided conversation.

Working in the bookshop gives me wonderful human interaction, conversation and laughter. I’m biased of course, but Mostly Books is a gem on the highstreet of our small town, Abingdon. As long as I’m working there, I’ll strive to keep it that way too.

What is a Bookseller?

A bookseller is what the name suggests – a person who sells books. It is the same role as a sales assistant in a retail store. We give ourselves this name because we deal specifically with books. We also have our own trade body – the Booksellers Association.

Books are pretty damn special and understandably we all feel very passionately about them. I hope to show you through these diaries some of the amazing moments that happen in the bookshop.

So many people say to me that working in a bookshop must be the best job in the world. Honestly? I really don’t think they’re far wrong. Bookshops are incredible! But there is so much more to working in a bookshop than people realise. Bookshops are their own highly specialised area of retail, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t get to sit around and read books all day. But you do get to tear open boxes and uncover the latest titles. You do get to feel all the excitement of the Christmas holidays. You do get to meet wonderful customers – babies, children, adults, and if we’re super lucky, their dogs!

Over time I am sure you will see a picture build up of just how great it is to work and shop at Mostly Books. As with all of my diary entries, I will be protecting the privacy of anyone mentioned, but in no way should that detract from your reading experience.