Copywriting: Luxury Venue Industry Article

I was recently tasked by one of my regular clients to help them with copywriting an industry article about a luxury venue. The venue was holding a showcase, complete with six-course fine dining menu and an overnight stay. My client was attending the showcase as a representative of an industry journal.  My task was to write up their experience ready for publication.

You’ll have to forgive me for the ever-so-slightly vague and cryptic mentions that feature in my copywriting work. Some people don’t want it known that they use a ghost-writer, which I understand. Others don’t mind at all. My clients are a mixture of both and I treat everyone the same. I regularly write blog posts and articles for them and respect the confidentiality of our work together. This means I’ll tell you parts about my work but not the full specifics or identifiable features.

What makes me smile is all the places I have written about without ever visiting them. My first draft of the article came in at 840 words. 840 confident words about a place I’ve never set foot inside of! For a copywriter this is not an unusual practice. It is, however, extremely important to write with authenticity so that anyone could believe I was actually there.

When I write experiential pieces for clients I work from notes, images and web resources to piece it all together. Using images and videos taken by my client during their stay, I crafted a review piece having sadly not sampled the six course dinner myself! I had great fun describing the details and features of the key rooms and spaces. Not once did I actually sit on the plush sofas, test the mattress or toast a marshmallow around the fire pit.

This work comes easily to me thanks to an early background career working in the marketing department of a property investment company. You master a skill for writing about off-plan properties that are little more than a blueprint. I’ve continued writing about property in my freelance career, writing about innovative eco-social workspaces, heritage buildings and luxury hotel designs.

The joy of being a  freelance copywriter is that you never know what you might be writing about next!