Christina Made It

Location: Oxfordshire / Online Business
Services: Branding & Logo Design

If you have a start-up or established business requiring (re)branding or a logo, I can wholeheartedly recommend Christina’s services. She is trained in product and graphic design and has created logos and marketing material for individuals and businesses. Alongside this she has her own jewellery making business, is the Captain of Oxford Etsy and is incredibly creative and entrepreneurial.

I approached her to design the logo for my copywriting business, The Oxford Writer. She asked me for any pre-existing ideas I had, and styles that I liked, from which she created a wide range of concepts for me to look over. I write a lot of my first draft material by hand before editing online and living in such a well-known city, I wanted to incorporate a hand-written feel with the historic spires of Oxford.

We communicated back and forth about elements of the designs that I liked until we had reached the perfect hybrid from a number of her concepts. She then produced them in a range of colours, shapes and file types that would be suitable for my website, social media and business cards.

As a client, I was very involved in the process, and Christina had a great understanding of my ideas and interpreting my feedback. We were able to complete the project entirely online without a face-to-face which makes her a great choice for remote working.

You can follow Christina Made It on Twitter (@ctinamadeit) and Instagram (christinamadeit).