Jaffé & Neale

Location: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire/Cotswolds Gateway
Website: www.jaffeandneale.co.uk
Services: Bookshop & Cafe

I periodically work remotely in Chipping Norton, and when I do, I always come to Jaffé & Neale. It is a beautiful bookshop in the town centre which always has interesting window displays and author events taking place. The bookshop is the hub of Chip Lit Fest which is growing bigger each year, and whenever I step through the doors there is always a warm welcome.

What makes this bookshop a total gem is the spacious reading room located upstairs. It is the type of reading room you always hope every bookshop will have. One wall is packed with a library of fiction, and there are arm chairs and tables for you to sit and lose yourself in a book. This is all made easier by the tiny café facilities selling hot drinks and cake. You are never rushed and are encouraged to relax. Frankly, it’s an excellent marketing ploy, because the longer you browse in a bookshop, the more likely you are to buy something.

I have been using their upstairs work space to complete copywriting projects, fuelled by carrot cake and peppermint tea, set to their playlist of acoustic guitars and folk music. It is hands down one of my favourite bookshops, because they understand exactly what their customer wants and needs, and they deliver it perfectly.

You can follow Jaffé & Neale on Twitter (‎@Jaffeandneale) and Instagram (jaffe_and_neale) or better still, visit them at 1 Middle Row, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5NH.

Their sister bookshop in Stow-on-the-Wold is a ten-minute drive away, located at 8 Park Street, Stow-on-the-Wold, GL54 1AQ.