Neil Marriott – Illustrator

Location: Oxfordshire, Online
Services: Digital Illustration

Alongside my professional copywriting I often have personal creative writing projects. One such project is the development of a customised children’s story. I was given some specific prompts from which to shape a story, including a magical forest, a favourite stuffed toy, the colours red, yellow and blue, and a whale, a mouse and a bird.

Having created a tale of a colourful and daring quest through an enchanted forest, learning the value of friendship, bravery and working as a team, I knew the story needed some illustrations.

I commissioned Neil Marriott, a local Oxfordshire illustrator, to put together images for my story, which will be printed later in the year. Here is a concept example of one of my characters, Tufty Bird. Although we have chosen a different style of drawing for the final piece, I was stunned by the beautiful detail and texture in this painting.

Neil has been a joy to work with, and it has very much been a collaborative process. He was quick to capture my vision for the story and develop a house style for the drawings based on my text and descriptions. It has been rare for me to request any more than 1-2 changes to each image he has submitted, and often the most minimal of tweaks.

His website ( and Instagram (@neiliarti) shows a range of versatility using digital paint, including some remarkable portrait studies of famous faces, including Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga.