Freelance Diaries: Introduction

Welcome to my Freelance Diaries.

My life as a freelancer began in April 2018. You can read more about my career change in my interview with Careershifters.

Having left full-time employment, I launched The Oxford Writer a few months later, providing all different kinds written and editorial content services. As a fledgling business, (with me very much feeling my way through the process), I supplemented my bank balance with a number of other incomes streams. Firstly, I began residential petsitting. Secondly, I became a summer exam invigilator. Thirdly, I picked up evening shifts at my local theatre. Finally, I became a bookseller, working one day a week in my local independent bookshop, Mostly Books. This is often known as a multi-hyphenate lifestyle (thank you Emma Gannon!), or as having a portfolio career.

With the growth of my business, my intention was to step back from the other income streams, and solely run The Oxford Writer. The (nice) problem? I really love all the other jobs that I do!

And so, here we are. Time has passed, I’ve entered my fourth financial year of self-employment, and I still manage each of these different avenues. I now work two days a week at the bookshop, managing the team on those days. Additionally, since February 2020 I’ve become a volunteer at my local Trussell Trust foodbank.

Freelance Diaries is an opportunity for me to open a small window onto my ever-changing schedule. If you would like to read about a particular avenue of my work, you can navigate my diary entries based on their category image.