Petsitting: Introduction

My petsitting journey began by pure coincidence at the same time as my decision to become a freelance content writer. My animal backstory is that I’ve always grown up with dogs. I’m extremely comfortable around most animals, and you’ll find me on the floor petting the dog at parties.

Having left my full-time job, I spent four months studying at night school at Cardiff University’s Department for Continuing & Professional Education while setting up The Oxford Writer. During that time, a friend contacted me about looking after their kitten while they took a trip to Barcelona. The dates didn’t interfere with my lessons, and as long as I had access to their Wifi, I could get my freelance work done. I said yes, packed a bag and hopped on a train to Shoreham-by-Sea just as the ‘Beast from the East’ of 2018 was hitting our shores.

For five days I hunkered down from the storm with little Ginny the kitten, and my working world was transformed. I was ridiculously productive working in a new environment, as well as having a little friend for company. I’ve replicated this formula many times over in the years since that first booking, and am a fully insured residential petsitter.

What is residential petsitting?

The simple answer is that I come to you! I stay in your home with your pet so that they remain calm in a familiar environment. Your home then has the security of being lived in while you are away. Small things like lights going on and off, movement, a car on the drive etc can be very reassuring. I’m able to give you the peace of mind that both your home and beloved pets are safe.

What animals do I look after?

Primarily I look after cats and dogs (though I have fed ducks and hedgehogs too!) I have cared for a broad range of dog breeds and I’ve also looked after lots of different cats. Some are house cats, others come and go as they please, but I’m always there for the all-important meal times and any cuddles I can get! Dog breeds I have experience with:

  • Labrador
  • Greyhound & whippet
  • Terriers
  • Spaniel & cockapoo
  • Nova-Scotia duck-tolling retriever
  • Japanese Akita

Petsitting isn’t a service that I actively promote as I have a select number of clients and availability, but it is another of my freelance income streams. I will be sharing some small insights into my work as a petsitter and how it enhances my freelance lifestyle. No names, addresses or identifiable details will feature in order to protect privacy.