The Man Who Didn’t Call by Rosie Walsh

Fear of missing out lead me to buy this book and bump it straight to the top of my to-be-read pile. I overheard a customer in the bookshop mention that she had loved it and so had her mum. When they had left the shop, I wandered over and picked up the book. The premise did sound great that’s for sure – spending a week with someone, falling in love with them, and then they vanish from all communication. I took a photo of the book on my phone so that I wouldn’t forget it, (not to go and buy it from the place Independent Booksellers shall not name).

The following day I was contacted by someone I went to university with, who follows my latest reads on Instagram. She just so happened to recommend this book, saying she had really enjoyed it and wondered if I might too. Then some more friends got in touch to say they were reading it, and basically, I didn’t want to be left out, so I purchased it the very next day.

I really enjoyed The Man Who Didn’t Call. It kept me guessing and had quite a few twists. Scenarios you thought were developing turned on their heads, or formed part of other character’s narratives. This gives the book a lot more depth than the potential modern dating frivolities the premise might appear to offer. This is a lot more than being ghosted by a date. The torment that Sarah undergoes, second guessing everything she thought she knew about a man she loved, feels very real.

Having read it, I could instantly think of a handful of friends who would also enjoy it. It’s definitely a book that would get passed around a friendship or reading circle, and I would highly recommend it.