Voices of Foodbank Volunteers by Ollie Wheaton

Fellow foodbank volunteer, Ollie Wheaton, has compiled an anthology ‘Voices of Foodbank Volunteers’. This is a digital anthology of written experiences of foodbank volunteers as part of his degree in creative writing.

For his creative non-fiction project, he wanted to help raise awareness of foodbanks and how they operate. Ollie asked us if we would write, in freestyle form, about what we do at Abingdon Foodbank. He gave us a lot of creative freedom, and reading the anthology, it has been wonderful to see all of the different perspectives.

I very much enjoyed taking part in Ollie’s project and found it a great exercise to take some time to sit down and think through the last four years I’ve spent volunteering.

Please do take a read of Ollie’s completed project by clicking the link below. You are welcome to download the pdf and share it with as many people as you think would enjoy and benefit from reading it – Ollie would love to spread the word far and wide!

I hope you find it interesting, thought-provoking and informative.

Over to Ollie…

Voices of Foodbank Volunteers

An Anthology Compiled and Edited by Ollie Wheaton

Voices of Food Bank Volunteers